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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Channel 5 Covered Bad Piers on Ninth Street Garage

Piers Being Re-Worked on Snakebit Site - Mike Owens of TV station KSDK Channel 5 reported on the delays in the Ninth Street Garage on the Wednesday, November 23, newscast. Watch the report on the KSDK website.

Here's a story that broke first in the blogs and was picked up on television news. I feel good about helping get the story to the attention of news organizations with wider audiences. (Note that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has yet to report the problems with the parking garage gone wrong.)


Anonymous said...

Mike is Lyda's mate, picking up most his stories from his wife's shop-talk. Makes you wonder then if the 28th alderholser is getting along with Fran the Demo-Man.

Urban Review - St. Louis said...

I don't know if you can read anything into Mike Owens covering the story, it is his job.

I don't recall seeing anything in the St. Louis Business Journal either about the delays. They were so pro-garage you'd think they'd at least indicate the delay may cause issues with businesses that expect this parking. Maybe they are trying to figure out how to spin the story so it is the fault of Marcia & Roger.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of how to spin this, here's a look inside the minds of the Biz Journal:

Plan A) We're committed to Downtown and its revitalization, so we're moving into our new location with or without the garage ready! (wait, might show we knew parking wasn't really necessary)

Plan B) Obviously, if those loftista obstructionists hadn't delayed the project to begin with, we would already be revitalizing our Downtown! (wait, too many folks can already see downtown revitalization is occurring without this project)

Plan C) Wait for Mayor's press release to insert as news. (Thanks Richard!)

Rob Powers said...

Like I said, money being almost literally poured into a hole woulda gone a long way towards rehabbing the Century.

Makes you wanna tear your hair out, donnit?

Michael Allen said...

"The debate is over. Now is not the time to criticize."

"If preservationists had been more concerned with helping the developers by providing important historical information about underground water sources, this problem could have been averted. Instead, the preservationists antagonized the developers and impared their ability to find a solution."

Oh, I should stop before one of these gets used.

Anonymous said...


"The building is gone. Now is not the time to admit mistakes."

"If political interests had been more concerned with helping area development by actually issuing a competitive RFP, this money-pit could have been averted. Instead, political interests antagonized alternate developers and impaired the ability to find a more privately funded solution."

Notice how the previous editorial has concern for helping "the developers," and not area development. So at least, folks are now admitting that this project always was about helping select developers with political connections, not area development or revitalization.