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Thursday, July 6, 2006

1420 Bremen, For Sale

Realtor.com shows the house at 1420 Bremen for sale for $274,900. The rear section of this house was before 1875, since it appears on Compton & Dry's Pictorial St. Louis. The front section does not appear on the Hopkins Fire Insurance Map of 1883, but does appear on Whipple's 1897 map. The plan of the house is unique: a central hall with three rooms on each side. This would make a very fine, large home.

Who was it that said that no real estate in the city's Third Ward is worth $200,000?

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Anonymous said...

^The soon-to-be former alderman of the 3rd made that crazy quote to rationalize clear-cutting historic homes in Hyde Park for cheap, new vinyl-clad developments like Salisbury Park.