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Saturday, July 1, 2006

OPEN ALL YEAR!: St. Louis RV Park

Things I learned from a conversation I overheard the other day at work:

1. The St. Louis RV Park is the only inner city RV park in the nation.
2. It is modeled on one that used to be in San Francisco, but that one got torn down to build the Giants stadium.

Now that I have perused the StL RV Park's website (linked above), I have learned that it has a swimming pool!

Say what you will (and I'm sure some of you will), but I actually like the RV park here, and have liked it since I used to pass it daily on my way to class at nearby Gateway Middle School. I think has a unique charm, and it's a fairly dense form of living, even if it ain't an Italianate 1860s row house. With all the vacant land we've got up here on the Near North Side, I think that we definitely have room for the RV Park, in addition to our lovely 19th century homes.


Urban Review said...

Visually I think the RV park needs some help, perhaps just some new fencing and landscaping. The public sidewalks also need to be improved.

What I like about it is the proximity, it puts many visitors right in the heart of the city rather than 25 miles away. I wonder how many consider the bus for getting to downtown destinations? What about bike or scooter rentals?

Anonymous said...

The RV park by the Casino Queen has better views of Downtown and better access to MetroLink.