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Sunday, July 2, 2006

Property is not the only thing you can buy at the corner of Blair and Montgomery

It strikes me as particularly twisted and sick that the real estate sharks behind the Blairmont, LLC land scheme chose the corner of Blair and Montgomery for the namesake of their company.

Why? Because up until these past few weeks, it was by far one of the worst spots in the neighborhood for drug dealing and prostitution. It seems to have cooled off somewhat thanks to neighborly and police action, but nonetheless it remains a center of activity. This neighborhood doesn't have problems with blatant dealing and prostitution nearly on the level of a number of other places I've lived and been before (Yes, really.) and overall I feel pretty safe here, but that particular corner was one for the books.

So the (ahem) fine folks behind Blairmont looked at that and said "Let's name our company after this!"

I've heard about them trying to con a blind woman out of her home, I've lived with the effects of their neglected and frequently unsecured property, but man. This is just one more detail that goes to show you what kind of people Blairmont Associates, N&G Ventures, Noble Development, VHS Partners, and the whole mess of them are simply not good people. To put it politely.

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