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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Chicago May Lose Another Adler & Sullivan Building

Just in case anyone thought that Chicago learned anything from the Chicago Stock Exchange debacle in 1972 (or the Pilgrim Baptist Church fire earlier this year), Lynn Becker brings us news of yet another threatened Adler & Sullivan building. In an article in the latest Reader (ah, if St. Louis could have a weekly so fine!), Becker writes that the owner of the George Harvey House -- probably the sole surving frame building by the firm -- wants to tear it down for a condominium building.

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Robert Powers said...

Man, and I thought I was being paranoid when I went on a frantic Sullivan-photographing tour of northern Chicago after the fire at the church.

I'd be interested to see the original plans which Preservation Chicago says are still extant. In its current state, I really can't find much from an architectural standpoint to recommend the exterior of the building: there's no ornament and the massing is completely ordinary... though that says nothing about what the interior spaces are or were, nor about what the house might still have the possibility to become.