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Monday, July 31, 2006

Building Geeks Tonight on "The Wire"

Tonight on KDHX's The Wire, Claire Nowak-Boyd, Michael Allen and Toby Weiss will discuss current events related to the built environment in St. Louis.

Topics that will come up: Buildings, St. Louis, blogging, and modernism.

Topics that may also come up (no promises on this whatsoever): Marilyn Monroe paintings, Government Hill in Forest Park, dead malls, the Chainsaw Kittens, pit bulls, Old North St. Louis, Panorama Lanes, and modernist restroom photography.

The program airs at 7:30 p.m. on 88.1 FM and online.


Anonymous said...

Half of the show seems to be un-streamed. Glitch?


Thomas said...

There have been issues with our stream recently. The in-house troubleshooter on tech issues is IT guy Dan Adelman: dan@kdhx.org. Sorry that it's playing that way.

Bill Streeter said...

Yes it seems that the podcast starts about halfway into the show. Made it kind of confusing to listen to. But it sounded like a good conversation anyway.

You guys should contact me, I would like to shoot a piece for LO-FI SAINT LOUIS on endangered buildings in St. Louis.

Also I thought you guys might be interested in the music video I shot with Casey Reid at the 14th street mall. It's on my site now.

Eric said...

I missed the first few minutes on air (and am having the same problem with the stream/podcast), but good show!

Also, for all involved, an EOA-related video on Lo-Fi St. Louis sounds tremendous...