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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Preservation Board Meets and Adjourns

Just for the record: The Preservation Board did meet this morning to statisfy the statutory requirement for a monthly meeting. Chairman Richard Callow and member Luis Porrello were the only members in attendance, and they wasted no time in adjourning the meeting.

Your intrepid editors were the only citizen observers present for the brief meeting, proving that either we don't have anything better to do or that we are very vigilant.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly how I'd spend my Christmas vacation.

Thomas said...

I've never met a carrot farmer and, yet, whenever I'm in the mood for a carrot, I'm thankful the job done.

Anonymous said...

As a token of appreciation for the dedication of your intrepid editors, they were awarded, for this meeting, honorary chairs in the Board table. This Commissioner enjoyed the candid conversations.

Not PE