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Friday, December 22, 2006

Our City

Such architectural beauty and refined historic masonry as found in St. Louis is not easy to find in other American cities. We who dwell here in the city are surrounded by wonderful sights free for the intake. On a walk to work, or a drive to the grocery store, we pass hundreds of buildings that uplift our aesthetic sensibilities. Unlike new, glamorous architecture, which unfortunately is segregated in the wealthier parts of St. Louis, the historic architecture abounds everywhere people live.

Such a cultural resource needs to good stewardship, and often we fail to provide that. As we conclude one year and start another, we hould reflect upon what we all can do to steward one of the world's most important architectural collections: the city of St. Louis.

Photo: Brecht Butcher Supply Company Buildings, 1201 Cass Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Well, certainly an obvious task in preserving this great collection is to keep up the great work you have carried on in expsoing Paul McKee as the fraud he is.

Anonymous said...

I received the latest issue of the Landmarks Association newsletter. Wow, the section in the Eleven Most Endangered Buildings list on the Brecht buildings was almost directly plagiarized from EOA.

Hope you are aware of this, guys.

That would be flattering if Landmarks wasn't such a pathetic thing with a long history of trying to steal other people's work.