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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Update on 4202 Chouteau

Last week, I posted information from Marti Frumhoff about a condemned house at 4202 Chouteau in Forest Park Southeast. Here's an update.

The Forest Park Southeast Development Corporation and Alderman Joe Roddy (D-17th) decided last year to pursue a nuisance case against the owner of the home, Andrew Yee, who had purchased it in 2003 for rehab only to leave it in a terrible state for over two years. Neighbors have been upset by the condition, so the alderman and the development corporation rightly got involved.

However, apparently somehow the nuisance case led to a condemnation suit seeking demolition, and on November 20 a circuit court judge ordered the building condemned and demolished. Also, the owner claims the alderman is using eminent domain to acquire the building; I have no knowledge of whether or not that's the case but am not necessarily opposed given the property condition.

Residents of FPSE are concerned that the house, which is a contributing resource to the Forest Park Southeast Historic District and eligible for tax credits, may be demolished per the judge's order.

Anyone who wants to step forward to rescue the house should immediately contact Irving Blue, Executiev Director of the Forest Park Southeast Development Corporation, at 314-533-6704 and Alderman Roddy at 314-622-3287. While demolition may seem like a viable solution, I am sure they would not oppose a quality historic rehab. However, if a new owner can't be found soon demolition is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

If the neighborhood group opposed the demolition, chances are the building would be saved a little longer. Just look at the Mullanphy Building.

Anthony Coffin said...

Andrew Yee? There are a group of vacant storefronts down the street from me owned by Alan Yee, the same realestate agent for this property. Those storefronts have not been what I would call a nuisance but are in a rather sad state. They was purchased about 3 years ago by Yee, who rebuit two walls from the foundation up. However since then nothing has been done to the property. Roof membranes blew off in last summers storm and the rear walls are in need of rebuilding due to the simple fact of not having a gutter installed.

Anthony Coffin said...

What? They were purchased about three years ago. Sorry