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Monday, December 18, 2006

Rehab moment



This concludes our Rehab Moment for the day. Tune in next time, to watch our happy couple survive another Rehab Moment in a charming episode entitled "Oh god, oh god, why can't I find two of the cats?!?" You may think that you've seen that episode before, but I assure that it's brand new--Rehab Life offers endless variations on the "What happened to our pets?!?" theme (as it does the "I can't believe I just ate that!" theme, the "Oops, I haven't returned any phonecalls in a month" theme, and so on!).

And by the way, if you have lent me anything white, absorbent, or delicate lately and I still have it right now, I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

The scaffold looked sturdy, the wall seemed solid, and the workers, stalwart.

This will pass.


Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

You're right, Richard, it will pass.

If I concentrate really hard and look into the future, I close my eyes and I see.... bubbling champagne in exquisitely designed glasses.... expensive cheeses aged to perfection.... lively conversation between some of St. Louis's jet setters.... beautiful, clean rugs on gleaming floors, in a room surrounded by some of the most wonderful architectural artifacts of North St. Louis. The picture is getting clearer.... Wait a minute, that's not me and Michael! That's all the Blairmont folks, sitting 'round their table in O'Fallon, enjoying yet another round of costly vintage off the profits they made from the way our painstaking rehab lifted property values around here. Hey, have another glass--it's on me!

At least the future is bright for some who own property around here.

Hold on, I think I see myself in the future.... roasting chestnuts on an open fire.... Nope, wrong again. That IS me and that IS a fire, but it's another Blairmont Blaze of another wonderful historic North Side building, which could have been easily prevented if they bothered to board their buildings up, um, ever.

So much to look forward to, on this Near North Side of mine.