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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Introducing the St. Louis Architecture Events Calendar

Thanks to architect and Central West End resident Lisa Selligman, we now have the St. Louis Architecture Events Calendar.

Here's testament to the how one person without the backing of an institution or organization can create something of great public benefit. Lisa identified a need (collect information from disparate sources like the Masonry Institute, Landmarks Association and the AIA chapter) and created a solution (combining the events in one place) free and relatively fast.

Once again in St. Louis we see that people don't wait around for good things. They create them.

1 comment:

LisaS said...

Thanks, Michael, for helping publicize the calendar! Now for the plug: I'm happy to edit this, but I need others to help by sending notices of interesting/relevant items to 47 thoughts at gmail . com. Events limited to members of a particular group will not be posted. Include information about fees and a website/contact info for more information, if possible.