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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mullanphy Saloon is this Thursday.


We invite you to join us for an evening of casual conversation on local architecture, history, politics, and so forth. ALL ARE WELCOME, from the longtime professional architectural historian to the budding urban explorer or casual photographer. Last time I think the age range of attendees was 21 to 60something.

Whether you want to talk about St. Louis architecture with people you haven't met before or you just need a stiff drink after watching the demolition of the Switzer Building this week, come on down.

Thursday 5/17, 7pm - ?
Atomic Cowboy, 4140 Manchester in Forest Park Southeast!

We will have a donation box out to raise funds for the effort to save the historic Mullanphy Emigrant Home in Old North St. Louis. Donations are definitely not required, but any amount you can chip in helps us get that much closer to rebuilding the Mullanphy's walls. Even pocket change helps, and if you happen to have $300,000 in pocket change, that's a beautiful thing.

We figure a happy hour makes an appropriate fundraiser for the Mullanphy, since they say that former St. Louis mayor Bryan Mullanphy wrote out his will (including the donation that created the Mullanphy) in a saloon.

To learn more about the Mullanphy and the effort to save it, visit savemullanphy.org.

If you've got any questions, either post here, e-mail eoa@eco-absence.org or call 920-5680.

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