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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Nuisance Opportunity

Oh, what a fine evening it was for seven young men to congregate on the steps of the house at 1215 Wright Street in Old North St. Louis. No finer point for commerce could be found within blocks, and business seemed to be as good there as it usually is.

Why do the neighbors consider such activity a nuisance? After all, the building's owners, Blairmont Associates, don't seem to mind. No one in city government is telling them what to do with the property, even though it has been a haven of drug dealing for months. No alderman has the building on a problem property list, so how could it be a problem?


Anonymous said...

So maybe vacant buildings do attract crime.

Seems reasonable.

Anonymous said...

"So maybe vacant buildings do attract crime.

Seems reasonable. "

it's more complicated
than you care to admit
lala lala

Anonymous said...

Call 231-1212 to report every single incident with that address. And if you don't see timely police response, call them again. Write down license plates and physical descriptions. Most importantly, tell your neighbors to call the police too.

Only by reporting every incident will a property officially become a nuisance. However, without any tenants or rental income to potentially lose, the nuisance property process sadly has less teeth with owners of vacant properties.

Anonymous said...

You may also report patterns of suspected gang and drug activity anonymously to 241-COPS.

Anonymous said...

You can also set up your video camera to document proof and have evidence to aid the police in their investigations. or You can call your neighbors and have all people show up on their front steps to add peer pressure to those seeking your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that 1215 Wright is in Ford-Griffins ward, but I am sure that I drove by the family home and saw no evidence of any grafitti, even if the garage is not as well kept as the house which by the way is beautiful and looks to be impeccably maintained.

Anonymous said...

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