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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lofts on the East Side

Lofts outside the big city: 'The best of both worlds' - Shane Graber (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, November 30)

Good news for Alton, Granite City and Belleville: downtown urban living is arriving.


Anonymous said...

"Sometimes, Sparks said, cities are best seen — not lived in."


Anonymous said...

What is neglected today is the reality that "loft living" specifically refers (referred?) to carving living space out of the vast open floor plates in obsolete multi-story transshipping facilities. Therefore "soft lofts" are an oxymoron. But since the advent of the phenomenon the term "loft" has been whored harder than Divine Brown in the mid 90's...

Although I feel if the East Side is going to get "lofted" they should start with Brooklyn or East Stl for the authentic (glorious?) sleaze/grime factor that used to characterize loft disctricts.

Michael R. Allen said...

Good point about the use of the word "loft."

I honestly think that East St. Louis would be an excellent and suitably gritty place to fix up a cheap urban apartment.

Anonymous said...

You'd have a hard time finding a building in Brooklyn that would work as lofts.

Most of the buildings are small, frame, single family homes.

Most of the commercial buildings are small, 1-2 story, concrete block buildings.

And most of the old strip clubs have burned down.

Michael R. Allen said...

"most of the old strip clubs have burned down."

And how! The spate of fires last year was impressive, and the remaining hulks sad reminders of how even the small economic hope offered by the clubs is fleeting.