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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


The fire-damaged but nonetheless occupied house a half-block south of me is selling to a rehabber who may be doing work on our house.

The city painted over gang grafitti on the boarded entrance to a house one block east of me.

More trash is piling up in the recessed foyer of the the vacant house across the street, owned by a neglectful owner (not Blairmont, but the congregation that owns the connected vacant church).

One block northwest, four long-vacant buildings are now being rehabbed as a group by a reputable developer.

The little frame building behind us on our block, built earlier than our house and used by a contractor for his small business, may be selling to anyone from the neighborhood group to Blairmont according to rumors. At any rate, it's part of a the Chapter 353 Redevelopment Area for the 14th Street Mall.


Anonymous said...

On behalf of Blairmont, etc, it's good to have such reliable resources such as your blog detailing in a public forum what is for sale in your pretty little neighborhood. It saves me a lot of time and money spent knocking on doors. Keep up the good work.

Yours truly,

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Anonymous, but these companies are obviously one step ahead of Ecology of Absence at knowing what's for sale. (And apparently one step ahead of the RHCDA partnership, as the sale of the house on Montgomery shows.)

The real "HN" is probably out filing twenty deeds of recent sales in JeffVanderLou.

Michael R. Allen said...
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Michael R. Allen said...

"HN": Since most of what I discuss are Blairmont's own buildings, and usually after the fact, your comment makes very little sense.

As the second commenter indicated, no one has better infomation than Blairmont on these potential sales, and even if someone did there would be no way to do anything about it without having millions of dollars in capital for purchases.

If "HN" is reading, I doubt he would learn anything. He's probably laughing at how much information I don't know.