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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Union Station To Be Train-Free

No trains at Union Station? - Tim O'Neil (St. Louis Post-Dispatch, November 15)

The last (stationary) train will likely soon depart Union Station to make way for more shopping mall amenities. As a train station, Union Station was world-class. As a shopping mall, well, uh...


Doug Duckworth said...

They should have ran MetroLink and AmTrak through the station.

So much for common sense.

Robert Powers said...

"They want the trains out. They don't believe trains have a place in a shopping center,"

YES! Let's 1) take away the last vestige of what the building was, and 2) take away one of the things that make it an unusual place! That's always a good way to make something into a "destination".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uh, Doug, I get your Amtrak comment (long gone since 1978), but as for MetroLink, it does run through Union Station. Perhaps you mean at-grade with the parking lot under the train shed, instead of how MetroLink reutilized the undergound baggage tunnels? Please explain.

Doug Duckworth said...

Yes, I am talking about running at grade as the train did in the past.

With AmTrack and MetroLink under one roof, along with MetroBus access, and potentially streetcars in the future, Union Station would fit its name.