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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Serving St. Louis

The neon sign atop the Railton Residence, originally the Robert E. Lee Hotel, at 18th and Pine streets in downtown St. Louis. The sign frame dates to 1932, when the owners of the Robert E. Lee built it to advertise their hotel. The Salvation Army purchased the hotel in 1939 for use as one of its Evangeline Residences -- homes for young businesswomen -- and built its sign on the existing framework in 1944.


Anonymous said...

It serves more as a type of transitional housing anymore. male and female. Different floors for different sexes. These Salvation Army is considering a major overhaul of the interior of the building, which is now made up of cramped, one-room apartments with bathrooms.

Anonymous said...

I thought I read recently that Pete Rothschild bought it and intended to turn it into small starter condos priced at around $60-70k? That would be a great development for downtown.

Anonymous said...

If Rothschild's plan is real and happens, then you can cross off another source of bottom-wrung, very affordable housing, possibly resulting in more homeless people on the streets at night.

If people want to buy a place for $60,000-70,000, there are lots of options in city neighborhoods.

Probably more maintenance costs though.

Michael R. Allen said...

No, Rothschild did not purchase the building.

The Salvation Army is usign historic rehab tax credits to revamp the building for its current residents.

Rothschild purchased the Ford Apartments at 1405 Pine to create affordable condos.