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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sheridan Place

The Blairmont family is using a new name for acquisitions: Sheridan Place LC, likely named for Sheridan Avenue which runs through the near northside of the city.

Sheridan Place LC was incorporated on March 24, 2006 by the CT Corporation System. Its first deed was filed October 30, 2006, three days after this blog reported on the then-latest Blairmont entity to be used for acquisitions, Dodier Investors LLC.

On the first few deeds filed, Sheridan Place LC listed its address at Eagle Realty Company's old address, 721 Olive Street Suite 920. On the deeds in type is reported the name Roberta Defiore as manager, but her name is crossed out and the name Bridget G. Calcaterra is handwritten. Calcaterra signed the deeds. Later deeds use a Brentwood address for the company's mailing address but show Calcaterra's name in print.

If the name Bridget Calcaterra seems familiar to some of you, it's probably because she recently served as Deputy Director of the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) of the City of St. Louis. She was also director of Operation Impact, a city program designed to help neighborhoods get privately-owned nuisance properties into the hands of the LRA which then seeks development projects for those properties. Readers can draw their own conclusions.

As an aside, the Blairmont scheme is growing to such epic proportions that I think it's high time that the parties responsible begin to engage the affected communities. If the end goal is a massive development project, they will need allies here -- assuming we all get to stay. If a Blairmont agent is reading, consider the smallest gesture of contact -- a call to the head of a neighborhood group or a meeting with an alderperson. Those of us living in the near northside don't want to stop something good -- but we don't have any reason to believe that what you are proposing is good. Dialogue might resolve the fears and animosity brewing here, and cut my sarcasm in half (maybe).


sonny hobbs said...

This sh^t stinks.

Real bad.

Mark Berry said...

Sounds like the old revolving door scheme: David Schorr serves as director of the Mo Dept. of Natural Resources and then moves into working for the chip mill industry, unhealthy unsustainable logging of missouri forests. Calcaterra works for LRA and gains an intimate knowledge of future development projects. Then she moves into speculatively purchasing real estate that will be valuable because it is adjacent to these developments or necessary for these developments to happen. You all knew this. Speculators are parasites.