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Monday, February 19, 2007

Peoria Prices

This beautiful mess -- a rambling frame house with brick foundation in Peoria, Illinois. The house seems to retain a lot of original millwork, plaster and structural integrity.

The funny thing about the ad is the promise that the house will appraise for $40,000 after "remodeling." In St. Louis, our similarly large and similarly messy masonry home with stone foundation will appraise for $160,000 after rehab. This frame house would be worth no less than $100,000 after repairs if it were located in the city of St. Louis.

(Before you get too dismissive of Peoria real estate, check out this mansion that was "tuck-pointed 5 years ago with correct formula of lime, portland and silica sand" despite not having to be reviewed by the "hysterical commission.")

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that it might be enjoyable to live in a place where there is not a witchhunt every time one tries to take care of one's own neighborhood and defend one's own community? Are you suggesting that it could, potentially, be nice to live in a historic midwestern city where one does not get one's head bitten off for suggesting that eminent domaining homes for a Walgreens might be a tad bit unethical?

How dare you?!? I am shocked, outraged, appalled, etc.... (Pssst.... You throw some clothes in a suitcase and I'll round up the cats!)