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Friday, March 2, 2007

USS Inaugural Still Around

Remember the USS Inaugural that was moored on the St. Louis wharf to serve as a museum? During the 1993 flood, the former Navy minesweeper was swept away itself. However, it did not get very far. As "Memory_machine" tells us in his blog entry "Undergroundozarks goes to the Library / The Wreck of the Inaugural", the wreck of the ship is just south of the MacArthur Bridge, and readily visible.


Robert Powers said...

Y'know, I had vague plans to go see that thing some time, but it slipped off my radar. Have to add it to the list.

I had no idea it was so huge till I saw the guy in the third pic for scale. Wow!

Ecgbert said...

I saw it when it was a museum - sorry to read what happened to it.

Anonymous said...

My dad Elmer Albritton told me stories of his WWII days on the ship from Texas through the panama canal to California, Hawaii, and then Japan. There's a pic of him then and also later in St. Louis at a reunion years later.
John Albritton