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Monday, January 22, 2007

Bonetti Looks at St. Louis' Threatened Mid-Century Homes

In "Out with the Old"(January 14) and "St. Louis Architectural Legacy is Fading Fast" (January 21), St. Louis Post-Dispatch art critic David Bonetti offers a serious look at the current rash of demolitions of mid-century modern homes in St. Louis. He examines threatened and recently lost works by William Adair Bernoudy, Harris Armstrong, Samuel Marx and Isadore Shank.

It's refreshing to find that the daily paper's critic is tackling an important preservation issue. While the onslaught of demolition of all building types continue, there still is a window in which a greater cultural appreciation of mid-century architecture can be forged.

The critical questions are: Will that appreciation come to pass? And, if it does, will it come too late to make a difference in efforts to preserve more than a handful of examples?

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Anonymous said...

Urgent questions.... but the fact that this newspaper article exists at all is a sign of progress.