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Monday, January 8, 2007

Who Would Destroy This Building?

Here's the view from the alley of the east wall of the former funeral home at 1930 St. Louis Avenue. Brick rustlers have been taking the wall down in recent weeks, but the building has been unsecured for months. Read the citizen complaint log here.

The building is owned by N & G Ventures LC, a Missouri corporation in which developer Paul McKee has reported a 30% ownership interest.

Obviously, the corporation has no interest in preserving this building or it would put its resources into securing it -- or actively seek a buyer who was willing to safeguard this beautiful building.

Here's the front view:

To watch the loss of this beauty on a daily basis is something that I hope most readers never have to endure. Who could own this building and not want to cherish it? I suppose that Americans are a callous breed when it comes to appreciation of great architecture, but no cynicism takes away the fact that myself and many other residents here have to watch this wonderful building die.


Anonymous said...


Every time I read this blog I become even more angry.

This needs to end...

It is time for action.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in Old North this building was one of my favorite to pass by. Thank you for continuing to report on Blairmont and all their various names. I know when I review the upcoming campaign finance reports I will be searching for all those names along with Mr. McKee.

Claire Nowak-Boyd said...

I am just popping on here to note that I actually saw someone go in one of the numerous unsecured entrances to this building this morning to steal shit, when I was on my way to work.


More on the whole thing later...gotta work (some of us, unlike the thief and the building owner, actually earn an honest living).....

Anonymous said...

Want answers?

McEagle Properties, LLC
1001 Boardwalk Springs Place
O'Fallon, Missouri 63368
Main: 636-561-9300
Fax: 636-561-9301

E-mail us at: info@mc-eagle.com

Anonymous said...

Where is Mayor Pontius Pilate on this?

Is Slay silent as always?

Mayor Pilate washes his hands of it. Even though it is his city.

Anonymous said...

My favorite quote that I found on www.mc-eagle.com is:

"Fostering environments and communities that promote the greatest hopes, dreams and desires of ALL people."

Anonymous said...


"McEagle offers the following services and benefits with our Property Management program:"


"Regular and spot inspection of property by our representatives to insure proper maintenance"


"The requirements will vary depending upon the needs of each individual property. However, we feel the lists above represent the major services that an owner should expect from a professional management company."

Anonymous said...

This could be an issue for the race for president of the board of aldermen. After all, Lewis Reed's signs are all over abandoned buildings in north city including some owned by Blairmont.

What would he say? Development is good.

What about the Shrew? Probably nothing.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a beautiful building and what a heartbreaker to see it come down.

Thanks for paying attention.

Anonymous said...

this site/building is just one sad example of an entire city slowly being dismantled brick by brick.

thank you Michael & Claire for calling attention to injustices that the oblivious don't even see and the powerful simply choose to ignore.

deep sad sigh,

Anonymous said...

A crew was doing board up on the front this morning - could this mean that demolition has been averted?

Anonymous said...

Okay, where is the organizational establishment?

Landmarks Association, hello!!! Some of these buildings were on your most endangered list last year, right?

AIA St. Louis, do you care?

Metropolis? City Democrats? Green Party?

Anyone want to stand up and help prevent the destruction of a whole part of a city?

Probably not.