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Saturday, January 13, 2007


At 2:22 AM, the amount of water coming into the house has finally reduced to the point that I think I can go to sleep. For a while there, a particularly thirsty bucket under a particularly drippy leak needed to be emptied every ten minutes or so.

I gotta say, I doubt it rained inside of Paul McKee's house tonight, and that thought was with me as I lugged buckets, pots, pans, trashcans, and drawers (yes, drawers) full of dirty brown roof-leak water to the bathroom.

The (relative) lack of water dripping from the ceilings of every level of our three story house can only mean things are starting to freeze on the Near North Side.

Here's to hoping we all wake up with the power still on....


Anonymous said...

Actually, it rained in several of my houses last night.

p mck

Anonymous said...

If you are serious about brining Paul McKee down then I say get together as much money as possible and start buying houses in his neigbohrood. and then let rot vacant.

Anonymous said...

that first post is classic... one or two probably burned down too.