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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Avalon Demolition Threat?

Gregali: Tear down the Avalon - Shawn Clubb (Southwest City Journal, January 10)

Tear It Down (Brick City, January 10)


Anonymous said...

If developers are interested in the building why can't they take it through eminent domain rather that bulldozing it?

Thomas Crone said...

I noticed the other day that there was some evident erosion on the front of the building, with bricks and stone having fallen from the northeast corner of the theater's face.

Anonymous said...

There has been erosion of this building for years. By now, it is a total mess. Soon, it will be as bad as the old Michigan show in Carondelet.

The Avalon's owner is like the southside version of the Phantom of the Opera.

Some people claim he actually lives in the building.

Anonymous said...

If he lives in the building, his downstairs needs some serious vacuuming.