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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Duckworth: Time to Act on Blairmont Issue

Douglas Duckworth continues to take on the Blairmont scheme in two compelling blog entries, "Enjoy the Abuse" and "Blairmont CSB Reports".

His chilling but astatue observation needs to be a call to action: "The political culture of St. Louis stymies any governmental confrontation with these developers."

It's up to us, the citizens of the city and residents of the near northside, to prevent the subversion of our communities.


Anonymous said...

Anyone have an address list of all these properties? Lets put something identical (like a bright red stenciled tag saying Blairmont) on each on of the properties so that folks driving around the neighborhoods can identify their properties. Once the lay folks see the patterns I think shit will finally hit the fan.

Michael R. Allen said...


E-mail us: eoa@eco-absence.org

Anonymous said...

Not surveyor's paint, though. It tends to fade after awhile. Having said that, identifying these buildings would be a capital idea.

Anonymous said...

Use a stencil and brush and the paint they use to stripe roads. It NEVER comes off.