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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Skyline Views from the Northside

The rear of our home faces south. This is the time of year for the glorious skyline view. Sure, we can see the skyline from the tallest part of our roof at any time. But we have to wait for the leaves to fall to see the skyline from inside of the house.

To see such a view at all fills me with awe. No matter how small St. Louis' towers seem compared to other cities, the grouping of them still makes me appreciate the fact that my species can build anything so tall and permanent.

To see this view from inside of my own home is even greater still. I'd say that the north view of the syline is the one that makes it seem more lively and makes the city seem more robust and metropolitan. At night, when the skyline glows with the dozen different colors lighting windows, roofs and spires, it's hard to think anything bad about this city's future -- or present.

There are many other homes in my neighborhood, Old North St. Louis. Some are taller, and some are closer to downtown. Those with skyline views each have a unique vantage point, and many may have a better one than ours.

These views are anyone's free for life with the purchase of a near northside home. There just might be a few homes for sale here, too.

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Anonymous said...

I love how you can see the St. Louis Arch from the Fourteenth Street Mall!