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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

A State Takeover of the Board of Aldermen

Can we get a state takeover of the Board of Aldermen? Then St. Louis completely would be a degraded former-city-now-protectorate. The schools, police and deliberative body would be under the control of the State of Missouri. People hostile to the city and dismissive of its future would have more political input here than people who live here.


Anonymous said...

Given our politics in this town we might be better represented by the state than the Board of Aldermen!

Now let's see, if the state takes over the schools we'll go from 7 members to 3 members. Using the same reduction that would take us down to 12 legislators rather than 28. State takeover could be faster and better than recalling 28 aldermen or charter reform.

Doug Duckworth said...

What we need is the critics to take control of the situation. Those dissenters need to exercise not only voice but action. Run for office.